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We offer on-line reservation services for Airport Transfers at Mexico City International Airport , but the airport also provides travellers with several transport options, both terminals, including official taxis, inter-terminal transport: Areotren and buses (5 pesos) T1 - Gate 6 / T2 - Gate 4, as well as coach services to nearby cities and the 'Metro' (subway) into the city.

Official Airport Taxis

The official taxis are all pre-paid services, in Terminal 1 booths are distributed in the national area in Sala A and in the international area, in Salas E2 & E3 and by Gate 10.There are three official-taxi companies: Porto Taxi, Nueva Imagen and Sitio 300.

In Terminal 2, official-taxi booths are in Sala D (national area); in the international area: Sala E and by Gate 4.

Take only official taxis at the airport, unless you are taking one of the official hotel shuttle services from Gate 4 of Terminal 1. In Terminal 2 you have to request the hotel shuttle services from the hotel booths located on the ground floor.

Airport Coach Services

People wishing to take a coach to nearby cities have the following options: Cuernavaca, Morelos (135 pesos); Puebla, Puebla (170 pesos); Pachuca, Hidalgo (125 pesos); Queretaro, Queretaro (249 pesos); Toluca, State of Mexico (100 pesos) and Cordoba, Veracruz.

In Terminal 1, the coach terminal is opposite the access ramp to the International departures area and tickets are sold by the entrance on the first floor. Go up the elevators from the first floor and turn right, walk through the fast food area and the entrance is on the right.

In Terminal 2, the coach terminal is at Sala D in the national area, next to the exit doors for national arrivals.

Mexico City Subway

People wishing to travel into the city can also take the 'Metro' - 'Subway' - not recommended if carrying much luggage - by leaving Terminal 1 and turning left. The entrance to the Metro is around 200 yards from the Gate 1 entrance (Metro map).

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