Medical Services: Mexico City International Airport

The airport offers both emergency and non-emergency medical services:

in Terminal 1: National Area - SALA B - between the entry/exit gates numbers 3 and 4, and also in the First Floor - International Area, by waiting room number 28.

in Terminal 2: on the First Floor, to the left of the check-in desks, close to the entrance to Waiting Room M of the 'Dedo Sur - Southern Finger' and the entrance to the Aerotrén.

T-1: National area: ground floor, Sala B, between Gates 3 and 4
T-1 International area: first floor, by waiting room 28
 T-2: First Floor, by Waiting Room M
Telephone.: 5571-3084 - ext. 2243
Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 January 2010 )

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