Facilities for the Disabled: Mexico City International Airport


Elevators for the disabled are placed throughout Terminal 1's national area of the ground floor: SALAS 'A,' 'B,' 'C' and 'D,' along the exterior wall of the instalations.

On the first floor, these elevators are found in the fast-food area opposite Gate 10, Gates 12 and 13, and by and the VIP lounge at Gate 17; for those planning to visit this lounge the best ground-floor option is by Gate 6.

In general, if visiting the first floor, the best option for disabled visitors is to take the elevator option closest to your first-floor destination as transit is usually easier on the ground floor.

That said, the upper floor is also well organised but tends to get a little more crowded than the ground floor; packs of hungry transients fill the passages on their way to relish their final pre-flight opportunity for fast-food alternatives, or of course, those just killing time whilst awaiting visitors.

Other VIP lounges: by Gate 21, by the waiting-rooms area for Gates 25, 26, 27 and, last but not least, the exterior wall opposite Gate 23 is home to another VIP Lounge.

Regarding the 'Terminal Terrestre,' the elevator at the entrance/exit passage communicating the fast-food area with the ticket counters for the direct-service coach options is best-placed for visitors to this area of the terminal.

The vast majority of the public conveniences are equipped for the disabled and are found almost everywhere; finally, for ease-of-access, ramps have been incorporated throughout the airport facilities.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 January 2010 )

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