Parking Facilities: Mexico City International Airport

Parking at Terminal 1

The National Parking facility is on the right after turning into the airport access road: Boulevard Puerto Áereo.

Communication between the National Parking and Terminal 1 is via a pedestrian bridge. From inside the airport, up the stairs between entrance gates 1 and 2.

It sometimes proves quicker to pay for your stay using an Automatic Parking Cashier (machine), by Gate 9 - at the entrance to the national parking facility.

The international parking facility of Terminal 1 is attatched to the northern end of the 'Terminal Terrestre - coach terminal," along the airport access road: Boulevard Puerto Áereo, on the left after passing entrance gate 10. Basically, you have to do a 'U-turn' to your left to access the car park. Slow down after gate 10.

If you reach the gas station you've gone too far. Do the U-turn anyway to try again!

Communication between the International Parking and Terminal 1 is via the 'Terminal terrestre' on the first floor. From inside the terminal, take an elevator to the first floor and turn right. Walk through the fast-food section and the entrance is on the right.

In the International Parking facilities, machines are placed by the pedestrian bridge entrance into the facility itself. From inside the airport, the bridge is up the stairs between Gates 1 and 3.

The National parking accommodates almost 2,000 cars.

Parking at Terminal 2

The new (sheltered) parking facilities of the T-2 are at the side of the Terminal's central patio and provide space for up to 2,437 vehicles. The good news for passengers is that the distances and the time required to walk between the parking and the waiting-room facilities is much less than in Terminal 1, 30% less.

Here again you can pre-pay your stay at the facilities using the machines (14) distributed throughout the first 4 floors of the building. From inside the terminal there are entrances from both floors. 

The parking fee at the airport is 20 pesos for the first half hour,  thereafter, the cost is 37 pesos per hour
Beware of losing your parking ticket,
the cost is an additional 295 pesos
Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 January 2010 )

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